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Before I Forgive

My book

I am a Senior Registered Psychologist and founder of the Academy of Life Design. I was educated in Europe and I am currently residing and working in Australia. I have been a practicing psychologist for over 40 years.

I grew up in Poland, which after World War II has been ruled by a communist regime. Both of my parents were victims and survivors of war traumas. I grew up in a tough home environment and had a challenging childhood. Despite this I loved learning and reading, and after being selected to join an athletic club I became a top athlete.

On many occasions I have challenged rules and boundaries established by authorities and I had problems to fit into an environment restricted by communism’s ideology. I became a political prisoner then a political refugee. In my personal life I have experienced multiple traumas and losses, which I have managed to overcome using the psychology skills and knowledge I have learnt and practised. I believe that all my life challenges I have conquered have helped me greatly to understand and connect with other people who suffer and struggle in life.

In order to unclutter my hippocampus from traumatic memories I wrote a book “Before I forgive. Memoirs of struggle and betrayal”, which was published in 2013.


hours of group counselling


hours of counselling

My style of working

My style of therapy involves psycho-education and is based on understanding our brains abilities to learn, rewire and adapt. I will be teaching you new ways to think, to solve problems and respond to new challenges in your life. You will learn how to connect with your feelings, how to be a better partner, better lover and better parent. I will teach you how you can control your emotions and how to stop blaming others and feel guilty. I will help you to feel worthy of love and belonging.

I will provide handouts, exercise books, articles, CD’s, DVD’s, audio mp3 recordings to listen and to watch between sessions.

My commitment to you

  • I will be fully prepared and in a positive frame of mind to work effectively with you.
  • I will help you to recover from past traumas, unresolved losses, toxic parents etc. and live in peace.
  • I will use all my knowledge, life experience and professional expertise to redesign your life.
  • I will treat you with respect and in a responsive, professional and confident manner at all times.
  • I will treat all discussions and communications between us with total confidentiality.
  • I will never judge you.